JDL Alliance to Protect Nevada Jobs

My Alliance to Protect Nevada Jobs…
I thought I post me putting shame on Local Culinary Union 226.
They told me I couldn’t be there, called me a loser & a crack head, they tried to steal my sign, they tried to fight me, why cause I held a sign that said ” Hire Me, I will work for Cosmo, No Union needed..Shame On Local Culinary Union 226….

I am so glad to be finally free from the Union Bosses and stealing my hard-earned money.
Paying $41.50 and have no support, and yet in the past year they been protesting out by the Cosmopolitan of las Vegas, asking for better pay, health care, and saying they not sure if they will have a job the next day.

Let’s look at the facts here, yes I was a part of the Union, yes I was a shop steward, but to see my people who were I formerly worked to ask time and time again “why are they paying Union Dues, and not seeing much results or support. Well I can say this, after a hard decision I decided to leave my job to rid of the Union, I done all I could for my people to take stand with the Union Bosses and have them be heard, unfortunately the Culinary Union Local 226 was to concerned with the casino’s.

And so on Nov 1, 2013 I took my own stand, me and my sign, walked through their picket line to tell them Hello, you’re not even paying Union dues cause there is no Union at the Cosmopolitan, further more it will not mean you will get a better pay raise, (take from me from someone whom was making $8.15 to start and paying union dues not to mention back payment because they forgot to take their money. ), or that you will have a health care, due to the new changes with health care everyone is at their own hard decisions.

To see them waving there signs, made up tee-shirts, holding up traffic, police patrol over 50 or more to only FAKE ARREST them, nice to see that is where most of my union dues went. Can’t wait to get my video’s in order to finish up and edit them to place on YouTube, and many more social networks to show how their people acted, let’s just say I like to thank the Culinary Union Local 226 for calling me a loser, I am on crack ….

Video’s to come soon, comments welcome,

and please feel free to share and take stand with the Alliance to Protect Nevada Jobs,

to do your part here is the link:  http://protectnvjobs.com




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